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leaving the bay area the shuttle made its way to los angeles where will be displayed on the california sized museum. it's made its way over the iconic hollywood sign encircle downtown los angeles before coming down to earth for the last time. a large crowd gathered as the retired shuttle rolled across the tarmac. >> it is the end of an era. >> the kids are going to look at her and be inspired at what people can do. they will people to believe that someone built that. >> after being moved from lax pit is scheduled to go on display next month. one of the best places to see endeavor passed by the golden gate bridge, christie field. >> cate caugurian was there for the iconic flights. >> one of hundreds that waited in anticipation that christie field for a few moments of history. >> i have always been a fan of the space program, fallen the shuttle and space program since it was a child. and when i heard that the shuttle would make one last flyby over the bay area i knew that had to see it >> it was stunning. such an incredible piece of technology, it represents such an incredible achievemen
of the building hogtied. >> a scandal unfolding for the los angeles police department, the incident sparked a full- scale investigation. >> what do you want me to tell mitt romney? i cannot tell him to do that, he cannot do that to himself. >> pretended to talk to an invisible,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> the first pup at 6:30 p.m., police have issued a warning after two men, posing as utility workers, try to talk their way into some homes. all this harrington is live with the scheme that police have seen before. >> that is right, police have been called to the street three times this week, neighbors are suspicious of men a claim to be utility workers. there are pg&e crews in the area, checking meters, so help you spot a phony? we found out. >> we only have two blocks on the street and we have had three incidents. >> these neighbors on poppy drive are on high alert, yesterday to man, posing as utility workers in orange vests were spotted knocking on doors saying they needed to check meters. a pgd spokesperson said that these were not their workers. >> we have had this occur from time to time with peop
on the investigation into an explosive heist in southern california. >>,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, >> last night in los angeles on robbers executed a daring and thought out heist that rivals but plots of hollywood movies. it played out with two men in ski masks allegedly coursing a bank manager to rob her own branch. the fbi is on a hunt for the suspects and we turn to melissa mccarthy for the latest on the investigation. >> with added security on site, it is business as usual at the bank of america and east los angeles. this was the scene yesterday after two men, still at large, successfully pulled off an elaborate bank robbery, is hitting with a significant amount of cash. investigators say that they kidnapped and terrorized the bank manager, to aid in their plot. this former police chief for the counter-terrorism bureau and now a senior correspondent with cbs, says that his sources indicate that this was possibly an inside job. >> i say that because they had knowledge of the bank and a new where the branch manager lived and a new the system in the bank, they did not just hell-a to get all the money from the
lost. >> los angeles deal will be combined with glass panels, where the names of all the dead, the glass has a special property that clothes from behind when exposed to light. the idea is to make sure that we will never forget. >> i think that we took it for granted that we live in the united states and we're safe here. >> we were caught off guard, we thought that we were invincible. and it really brought us together and brought us back down to earth. >> this memorial, all 35 t of it, will not be in the parking lot much longer, the skeleton will be installed this coming spring. >> and for more on the ceremonies, marking the anniversary, and to see a photo gallery of 9/11, 11 years later, go to cbs sf .com. >> of the main thing that think is misunderstood right now is how fundamentally good is on a lot of different levels. >> the facebook ipo flopped but mark zuckerberg says to look on the bright side. what he admits that he does not do anymore. >> we ran back upstairs with fire extinguishers to break the windows out. >> then he realized that some were trapped inside, drastic a
bruno city park to mark the two-year anniversary of the blast. in los angeles, space history is coming to town, why the last trip for the iendeavor is sending anger into the stratosphere. >> a lot of you at the coast are wondering " where is the sun shined? ". it is september after all, coming up and whether we will talk about the prospects for sunshine, not only at the coast but for all the bay area, things are changing as soon as tomorrow. >> and dennis o'donnell, digging deep to stay on top. we will tell you why jim harbaugh all left 49ers practice early today and the most famou,, >> new tonight, san francisco police have made an arrest in a diamond heights murder case. 45 year-old james reckless has been charged for the death of a hair stylist found dead inside of his apartment back in june. according to police, a suspect met him in a bar the morning of homicide and a two took a taxi cab back to his apartment and witnesses helped piece this case together. >> a convicted murderer in massachusetts serving life in prison, and getting a gendered change surgery on taxpayer dollars. a ju
to reach, that is why we say part of it in our back. >> the bishop, the leader of bill los angeles diocese of as orthodox church says that he received a phone call from the man, a member of his church who has been identified as a producer of the film, the bishop says that he denied any involvement with the film. >> i told him that any way i want to tell you very cleanly because we as a church are against such kind of movies. >> standing with the bishop today internationally recognized islamic leaders. >> when one person targets you, say this and leave >> moving forward both religious leaders say that it will condemn the violence in response to this movie as well as the movie itself. in city hall, randy paige. >> new tonight, san francisco considering a station fund an energy plan relying 100 percent on renewable sources. tomorrow the board of supervisors will make a decision on approving $19.5 million for the contract with shell energy north america. the clean power program would give residents the option of paying more to fuel their homes with renewable power like wind and solar. and toda
measure. >> the other big issue promised by jerry brown this year was pension reform, today in los angeles he signed a bill that would require new state employees to work longer before they can retire, with full benefits. it also caps pension benefits and puts a new regulation to prevent abuse of the system. it is expected to save the state more than $42 billion in the next 30 years. let's just go back to that usa poll, if it is right, the reason support numbers could be so low maybe because the governor actually manage to get pension reform passed. also remember that $54 million to the state parks department, but there were sitting on for 12 years? both of these could be explanations for why proposition 30 seems to be losing support, a lot of people said that if pension reform passed, we would not do it, and people lost confidence in the state governments. >> a lot of people suspicious of sacramento after that $50 million was found in parks. so it is up near .. >> absolutely, we will see. >> it may be a bumpy road ahead for north bay bus service. golden gate transit buses takes riders int
. according to nasa, on the back of a 747, the endeavor will fly over los angeles at 1,500 ft., anytime after 10:30 a.m.. it will fly over malibu and disney land, the griffith park observatory, the hollywood sign, city hall, and that land at lax. this has to be the box seats, front row, right behind home plate, when it comes to viewing the shuttle. take a look this view. lax, the 400 block of east imperial avenue, the city of else had done no will block off six blocks and make it pedestrian only so that people can watch history. >> this is the best spot to take pictures. >> it should be breathtaking, just ask the people of d.c., as discovery flew over the-last april. for new yorkers when enterprise was 1,500 ft. above the hudson. now it is the turn for los angeles. >> the bay area research center that had a big role in the shuttle program, getting ready to celebrate the final journey of the endeavor. endeavor will make a special pass over nasa ames in mountain view. it is appropriate because the facility played a big role in the shuttle program. researchers there develop a special heat shield
was an imposing figure on the silver screen but tonight actor mark duncan died this morning at a hospital in los angeles where he was being treated for heart attack. the former bodyguard best known for his role in " the green mile " alongside of tom hanks, also for armageddon. he recently had heart problems, that was in july. he had even become a vegetarian to try and get healthier. >> an actor that often played an action hero needed a real-life hero of his own. russell crowe got lost while kayaking off of long island n.y. over the weekend. coast guard heard their cries for help and a hitch a ride back to land with the crew. he said on twitter that was never lost and instead, he ran out of a light. >> the longest-running game show in tv history celebrates another major milestone tomorrow, a price is right turns a 40. a special show to march to commemorate that anniversary. only a select few will have a chance to come down. the audience will be made of past winners, but to make it back on stage they need to catch the producers i, again. >> we're looking for energy and sincerity and excitement. it
masked men grabbed her outside of a los angeles bank of america last night and held her captive. she says that the men strapped what appeared to be a bomb, to her. this morning the robbers demanded that she stuff cash into bags and throw it out the back door, she did, and they grab the bags and sped away. >> the bomb squad arrived on scene, they approached the woman, and they removed the device from a woman's body. >> and then they blew it up. police will not say whether the device was really a bomb, the woman was whisked away for questioning, but police do not believe that she was involved. >> hours ago at&t sent out their response to claims that their cellphone signals have been the cause of oakland's police radio problems. it is a story that we have been digging into ever since oakland police voiced outrage when the radio system did not work during the president's visit in july. in a letter to oakland city attorney david today, at&t says that tests by an independent third-party found no interference with the public safety radio system. here is an explanation of the potentially deadly p
on its final journey to its permanent home in los angeles. and the bay area will be playing a role in the final flight. on friday the shuttle will make a bay area fly by. it will pass over the golden gate bridge before heading down the peninsula and circling around nasa ames in mountain view. other prime viewing spots include the bay area discovery museum. the space and science center. and the lawrence hall of science. for more details on the journey and when you can expect to see the shuttle in a sky near you, head to cbssf.com. >> good evening, i am paul deanno with a column forecast. good news for those of you i want to see the shuttle. friday morning will likely be the most clear morning. much less cloud cover coming up on friday. we're getting a good view of the east bay hills. blue sky outside right now, a big contrast from what is going on back east. they had a round of very severe weather. 2000 homes without power. i on the storm takes you to queen's new york right there in the city. wind gusts in the '50s and 60 mi. per hour range. no tornadoes the loss of damaging wind, c
assembled. after its appearance in the bay area it will head to los angeles and its permanent home, the california science center museum. we have team coverage on its bay area appearance, let's start with meteorologist paul deanno with what the weather conditions will be tomorrow. >> a change because they change the time of the flyover, pushing it back one hour which is excellent news for the thousands of us that want to see endeavor, it flew 122 million mi. in its lifetime and as we look at some graphics, the final couple hundred of those miles will be over the bay area. there will be some cloud cover tomorrow morning but the good news is that they have delayed the flyover by one hour, allowing mother nature to burn the clouds off. what to expect? that one hour delay is great news for all this because the low cloud cover will burn off between 8:00 in 10:00 tomorrow morning. before that one hour change there was only 40 percent chance of seeing the fly over and now we have an 80 percent chance. the weather is looking very good for the fly over tomorrow. >> did your camera ready bec
. >> a judge in los angeles has cleared a former gang member of murder. 19 years after his conviction. there was cheering in the courtroom as the judge ordered the release of john smith. prosecutors said they were convinced their chief witness who recently recanted, had lied about the 1993 killing. but he had said that police pressured him to identify smith as the shooter. his grandmother mortgaged her home to pay for the initial offense. >> i am happy. i am sad. but the part of me that was in there with him, i am free now to. >> the 37 year-old smith entered the courtroom in that prison jumpsuit but was released by the end of the day. >> a follow-up tonight on a story that we brought you about lions living in cramped quarters at the oakland zoo. voters are being asked to pay more to support the zoo. but if they do not then mike sugerman tells us that animal rights activist who sold his video say that the zoo should reconsider keeping the big cats. >> last week we showed you how the oakland zoo was campaigning to pass tax measure a one. a dollar per month parcel tax for 25 years, to f
the place, oakland it down to los angeles and we were in wine country last weekend. >> people have been amazed by the fog today, that is the number-one thing. we have been battling the sun but we're flying over the salt beds now, just passing the dumbarton bridge heading back in a southern fashion to the moffett field. this has been a two hour flight around microclimates, we have seen everything, bright sunshine and dramatic fog, quite an experience. two hours, vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. >> the title of the american league west road on the outcome of today's game in texas, if the a's win their two games out and they lose a drop for b
before she heads to los angeles. linda yee, cbs 5. >> it has been long known to happen but now there is legal action against the u.s. military over sexual assaults. 19 current and former members of the military filed lawsuits in the seventh disco federal courts. the victim's claim that they were harassed, lake, and or insulted and suffered retaliation when they reported the incidents. the lawsuit names top department of defense officials as defendants. >> for the past nine years, two months, and 28 days, i have been alone, and i have been silenced. i want my voice back. i will not be silenced any more. >> a similar lawsuit was thrown out in virginia last year, the judge said that the military should handle the system. >> friends and family gathered tonight in a lot to remember a 12 year-old girl whose life was tragically cut short when she was hit by a car and killed while riding her bicycle home from school yesterday. don knapp is at that vigil tonight. >> that is right, although she is a student, the memorial for her is being held at san grant high-school presumably to accomm
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